Audrey is a licensed medical aesthetician an laser technician. She graduated from the school of Medical and Botanical Aesthetics, and is nationally accredited and certified in acne, laser rejuvenation, cool sculpting body contouring,  and also studied under JoElle Lee, who was Former First Lady Michelle Obama’s personal esthetician for years to gain her Multicultural Skin Certification.

Audrey founded Raw Rituale Med Spa out of a deep passion to help others achieve their unique goals, especially those battling acne. In her own quest (and struggles) to address her cystic acne, along with aging, hyperpigmentation, tone and texture she’s tried it all and weeded out what did and didn’t work. Her services complement Susie's offerings which include (but not limited too) an acne clearing program, IPL laser to address age spots and broken capillaries, and body contouring to tighten and smooth those trouble spots. She’s a business within a business. You can book directly with Raw Rituale at 

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