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Custom Facials

Years of study and practical experience provides for a range of specialized and customized facials to treat unique skin types and conditions.

Custom Facials

Targeted Areas

We offer a number of treament options to target specific areas and needs. Treatment options include Rejuvapen and much more.

Targeted Areas

Brow Shaping

Waxing, brow shaping and brow and lash extensions and tinting.

Waxing, Tinting & Lashes

Man Scaping

Men are visiting spas more frequently realizing that a more youthful looking appearance improves both their business and personal life.


Susie Organic Skin Care

susie hs300Susie Ardabili has over 20 years of experience in 100% natural skin care, having demonstrated her expertise while residing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Newport Beach, California; and Denver, Colorado. She believes in the beauty of wellness, focusing on positive health, feeling good about yourself, and enhancing the best in you. Each of Susie’s treatments is meticulously designed to allow you to escape to a world of relaxation. Her unique approach engages the body’s natural healing ability, by incorporating a therapeutic touch free of harmful chemicals. Her approach and enthusiasm has attracted women and men who embrace health and natural beauty, including several celebrity clients: Russell Crow, Jennifer Lopez, Donald Sutherland, Jennifer Love Hewitt, John Cusack, Kirsten Dunst, Eva Longoria, Nicole Kidman, Louis Gosset Jr., Carmen Electra, Heather Graham, and Colin Farrell.

Susie Organic Skincare (S.O.S) is an all-natural and organic spa that aims to provide nature-friendly and chemical-free treatments. The quest to preserve youth and replenish years of harmful damage does not require toxic products. As a society, we have come to learn more and more about the benefits of a “cleaner” lifestyle. Just as we meticulously choose the food that we put into our body, the same level of diligence should be awarded to the products that we use on our delicate skin each and every day. We offer a range of skin care regimens.

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Characteristics of Microcurrent Modality 

    • Enhances the body’s natural electrical impulses and cellular repair. 
    • Sub-sensory application 
    • Results may be seen with one treatment 

Studies have shown microcurrent: 

    • Increases ATP for cellular repair 
    • Increase natural collagen 
    • Increase natural elastin 
    • Increase circulation 
    • Firm’s skin 
    • Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles  
Image 006 Image 007
 Before  After 2 treatments

Non-surgical Face Lift with Micro-Current and LED light therapy

Biological and Esthetic Effects 

Current in micro amp ranges is extremely small pulsating currents of electricity (galvanic current). These currents are finely tuned to the level of the normal electrical activity which takes place at the body’s cellular level. These currents being more biologically compatible than any other electrical stimulation device, has the ability to penetrate the cell – as opposed to passing over the cell as other stimulation devices do. It works on Arndt-Schultz law which states that: “Weak stimuli increases physiological activity and very strong stimuli inhibit or abolish activity.” 

Image 004


After Two Treatments

Image 005


After 17 Treatments

This sub sensory current normalizes the ordinary activity taking place within the cell if it has been injured or otherwise compromised. The external addition of this low level current will increase the production of ATP, protein synthesis, oxygenation, ion exchange, absorption of nutrients, elimination of waste products, and neutralizes the oscillating polarity of deficient cells. Homeostasis is restored. 

The biologically sensitive stimulation effect by the current picks up where the body’s own electrical current fails, as the human body must adhere to the natural law of electricity which is “electricity must take path of least resistance”. Therefore, its electrical current is destined to move around an injury or defect, rather than through it. By normalizing cell activity, inflammation is reduced while collagen producing cells are increased. Healthy cell metabolism creates a healthy, pain free internal environment. 

When a muscle is traumatized, it protects itself by going into spasm. This decreases blood supply, nutrients, oxygen and ATP, disrupts the sodium pump, and increases waste products within the cell. The electrical current of injured tissue takes on positive charge differing from the negative charge of healthy tissue. Non injured cells try to restore normal electrical function, but the body’s electrical system is subject to the natural law of electricity which dictates “electricity must take the path of least resistance” and travels around the injured tissue. With the addition of external micro stimulation, the damaged tissue recovery period is dramatically reduced. Electrical stimulation of a tissue also results in improved circulation by several mechanisms, which may include the local release of vasodilator substances and decrease in sympathetic vasoconstrictor reflex activity. This can result in reduced pain at the injury site, improved neuromuscular responsiveness, reduction of inflammatory responses, increased range of motion and reduction of tightness in disturbed muscle tissue, and reduced recuperation time. 

The initial phase of treatment to normalize the cell is followed by returning the muscle to its normal shape and position. By stimulating the efferent fibers at the origin and insertion points of the involved muscle, the muscle can gently be coaxed into being stretched or shortened with no pain to the client. An atrophied muscle can be shortened and toned. A muscle in spasm can be stretched. 

Low level current is biologically more compatible with the body’s own electrical system. It is more effective in neutralizing the oscillating polarity of injured cells. Low level current has a positive effect of increasing the availability of ATP, increasing cell permeability, making nutrient transport of waste more efficient, increasing protein synthesis and ion exchange. 


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